Good Vibes - Brazil

Cacao Nibs, Peanut Butter, Hint of Cherry

The Beach Boys made Good Vibrations famous, but you don't need to be at the beach to pick up good vibes. In fact, if you get yourself a bag of this smooth, full-bodied Brazilian coffee, you can get Good Vibes every time you set foot in your kitchen. Talk about excitations!


Profile Medium-Dark
Producer Fazenda Santo Antonio
Region Cerrado Mineiro
Process Natural
Elevation 1127 masl
Variety Arara 


Rubens Machado Jr. purchased Fazenda Santo Antonio with his father in 2015. They believe that producing environmentally sustainable, high quality coffee is the key to name recognition and greater financial stability.

Rubens and his father chose to buy land in Cerrado Mineiro - a region with a rich biodiversity of over 10,000 plant and 800 bird species. Cerrado is the largest woodland savannah in South America. At over 2 million square kilometers, it’s three times the size of Texas and constitutes 21% of all of Brazil’s land area.

Though Cerrado has a long history of quality coffee production, the land the Machados purchased was not considered ideal for coffee growing. Thanks to their hard work and dedication to sustainable practices, Fazenda Santo Antonio now produces consistent yields of high quality coffee every year.

Today, Rubens cultivates Arara, IPR100, IBC12 and 24/137 varieties on 60 of their 74 hectares. He believes that maintaining the ideal balance of nutrients in the soil is the key to reducing the need for artificial chemical inputs. After harvest, Santo Antonio cherry is laid to dry in thin layers on patios. Under direct sunlight, the cherry is carefully monitored and turned frequently.