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Perfect for corporate, nonprofit, community, or school groups who are looking to build unity and have fun. Team builders provide bonding experiences that help teammates better understand one another’s strengths and interests, which allows them to work cohesively on future projects. Add in coffee, and you’ve got all the ingredients for an awesome team experience.

All of our sessions can stand alone or be combined with your group’s agenda. Our staff will work with you to tailor experiences to meet your needs. Email us at to get started!

Team Buildings
Meeting Add-Ons
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Team Builder 1: Coffee Notes

Group size: up to 20 people

Time: 1-2 hours, depending on group size

Agenda: Get a primer on specialty coffee, learn about the dominant flavor notes on the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel, and participate in a cupping (the official way that coffee professionals smell, taste, and score coffee). 


Team Builder 2: BYOB: Be Your Own Barista

Group size: up to 16 people

Time: 3-5 hours, depending on group size

Agenda: Learn about coffee, practice pro barista skills, bond with your colleagues - and possibly engage in some healthy competition! You and your team will get:

  • An introduction to specialty coffee
  • A comprehensive coffee tasting
  • A primer on espresso drinks
  • Hands on training with barista equipment
  • Practice pulling a perfect espresso shot
  • The chance to learn and practice latte art
  • Competition! A latte art contest, a coffee tasting match game, or a group barista challenge.


Team Builder 3: Design Thinking, Coffee Style

Group size: up to 24 people

Time: 4-6 hours

Agenda: Using the principles of design thinking, teams research, craft, and market their own coffee blend.

    • We begin with a tasting, where teams note flavors, capture takeaways, and determine user preferences. (“Gather Inspiration”)
    • Teams ideate and create their own signature blends. (“Generate Ideas”)
    • Teams choose their blend, craft a compelling brand story,and design product packaging. (“Make Ideas Tangible”)
    • Each team will taste and score the blends. Each team’s story and packaging will be displayed and/or presented. (“Share the Story”)
  • Our facilitator will calculate which team had the highest tasting score, the highest story + packaging score, and the overall high score. Every participant will get a sample-sized bag of their blend, and the members of the team with the overall high score will each get a free full-sized bag of GG coffee!




When you hold a meeting in our space, you can punch things up with our icebreakers and add-ons. They’re a great way to energize your team, increase participation, and encourage collaboration.

  • Coffee Tasting: Kick things off with a tasting or cupping.
  • Tasting Challenge: We lead your team through a blind coffee taste test. Participants then partner up in to match the coffees to their flavor notes. The team with the most matches wins a prize!
  • Quick Coffee Company: Small groups of participants are given a coffee to taste and a fact-sheet about the coffee. They are then told that their team is a company, and that this coffee is their product. Each team is given 5-10 minutes to develop a name, logo, and tagline for their product. Each team then delivers a two-minute product pitch to the room. Optionally, teams can offer feedback, and/or a winner can be declared.
  • Flavor Wheel #1: We deliver a 5-minute presentation on the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel. Participants are then led to use the flavor descriptors to describe themself, their team, and their workplace.
  • Flavor wheel #2: We deliver a 5-minute presentation on the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel. Small groups of participants are then led to develop a wheel that represents team dynamics, and determine where on the wheel they’d like to be.
  • Coffee Incorporated: Imagine that your workplace/group/team is a type of coffee. Create a name and tagline for this coffee, and design your label. Share your creative process with the other participants.
  • Coffee personality quiz: Are you a traditional cup of joe? An upfront espresso? An experimental blend? A comforting latte? We can’t guarantee that this quiz is accurate, but it’ll definitely get people talking.
  • Coffee Mad Libs: A zippy little activity. Everyone fills out a different, coffee-related Mad Libs sheet. They read them out loud, and hilarity ensues.



  • Catering
  • Specialty beverage for each participant
  • Bag of coffee for each participant
  • Specialty pairings (coffee + chocolate, coffee + fruit, coffee + pastries, etc.)



Note that these are general guidelines, and true pricing will vary depending on session length and your specific needs. We offer discounts to community groups and nonprofits. Please contact us at for a quote. 

Meeting space only
 $100/hour, or $500 for all day (8am-6pm)
You can book meeting space here 

Team Builder 1
Groups of 1-10 people: $200
+ $20 for each additional attendee


Team Builder 2
Groups of 1-5 people: $500
Groups of 6-10 people: $750
Groups of 11-16 people: $1000


Team Builder 3
Groups of 1-8 people: $800
Groups of 9-16 people: $1200
Groups of 17-24 people: $1500


Meeting add-ons
$7-30 per attendee

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