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Coffee with a splash of kindness.

We are a different kind of coffee company.

Born in Austin, TX, we are obsessed with crafting amazing coffee. But we also believe that the best companies are the ones that give a little back. We are a husband and wife owned coffee roasting company that focuses our charity at home. We believe in supporting the great people and communities that are helping to support us.

We’re proud to support these great charities.

Meet the team

Co-Founder, Licensed Q-Grader

Thoughtfully selects every coffee and tea we offer, the blends we create and drinks we serve in our cafés. Though falling in love with coffee working as a barista while earning her BA in Fine Arts, she left the world of coffee to build a career as a professional photographer. The passion for coffee never waned and so fast forward a few years and she decided to put down her camera and dedicate her life to coffee. Growing up in and around her family’s food-centric businesses and having traveled the world, sampling a wide array of foods and beverages along the way, Khanh brings a diverse palate and nuanced understanding of flavor to our team.

Co-Founder, Roaster

Manages our production as well as the not-as-glamorous but essential back-end business functions. Having spent over a decade and a half running a performance automotive and motorsports company, he decided to follow another passion and moved from tuning cars to tuning roast profiles. Trey utilizes his background in engineering and business to help keep our roasts consistent, our systems running smoothly and orders delivered to customers accurately and on time.

Education & Event Coordinator,
Licensed Q-Grader

Sarah's career in coffee started in 2010 as a barista and assistant cafe manager. In 2013 she transitioned over to the sourcing side, working for a green coffee importer filling the roles of trading assistant, quality control manager, sustainability coordinator and, equally important, party planner. Leveraging these "crop to cup" experiences, she leads our growing Education programs as well as coordinating the many events we participate in.

Lead Barista and Wholesale Trainer

Ian started his journey in to coffee in 2013. As a science enthusiast he was quickly drawn to the experimental nature of brewing coffee, finding work in locally sourced, owned, and operated cafes. He enjoys dedicating his time to educate and teach others the art and science of creating tasty cups of coffee. Ian's favorite pastimes include ironically incorporating phrases into his vocabulary, (at which point they become permanent) and petting strangers' animals.


Bio coming soon!

Why Us

Science Meets Art

We use state of the art profiling tools and sensory evaluation protocols to ensure each flavour is consistently perfect.

Worlds Best Beans

Less than 2% of all the coffee grown worldwide meets our speciality-grade requirements.


We are proud members of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Speciality Coffee Association of America, Roasters Guild and Baristas Guild.

Always Fresh

This is a no O2 zone! Roasted in small batches each bag is flushed and sealed in an oxygen-free environment to lock-in freshness.


Our roasting process is smoke-free, with clean emissions and requires 80% less energy consumption compared to other roasters.

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