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COE Mexico Cañada Fría - $24.00

LTO Mexico

2018 Cup of Excellence Winner #9  •  The Cup of Excellence auction encourages producers to submit their very best, and many from this year's Mexico competition were among the best coffees we've tried all year. This coffee from Finca Cañada Fría wo...

Costa Rica Herbazu - $21.00

LTO Costa Rica

Limited Time Offering, Direct Trade  •  Sourced from Herbazu, one of the leading coffee innovators in Costa Rica, this rare Typica Lima coffee is sure to please even the most demanding coffee enthusiast. Incredibly sweet and balanced, we taste not...

Yemen Haraaz - $31.00

LTO Yemen

SOLD OUT  But don't despair! We've got another white tin offering that'll make it up to you.Our Cup of Excellence-winning Cañada Fria is deeply sweet and complex, with notes of spice, fig and caramel. It's one of the best Mexican coffees we've had...

Peru La Salina - $18.00

LTO Peru

Limited Time Offering  •  Peru: the land of Machu Picchu, the yellow-tailed wooly monkey (seriously, look it up, it's adorable), and high-grown coffee. Peru coffees are sometimes said to be understated (or even bland), but La Salina is an exceptio...

Take Me Home - $16.00

Costa Rica

Direct Trade Coffee • Sometimes you see something that's so perfect for your life, it screams "take me home." That happened to me with a lamp at Target the other day, and it's going to happen to you as soon as you take a sip of this coffee. Direct...

Ethiopia Roba - $18.00

LTO Ethiopia

Limited Time Offering  •  Roba hails from the highly regarded washing station formally known as Chelbessa which is owned and managed by the Roba family. It is a delicately fruit-toned washed Ethiopia with dreamy notes of jasmine, vanilla and Earl ...

Kickstart - $15.00

Espresso Blend

Legend has it that Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx drank this coffee right before he sat down to write "Kickstart My Heart." (Legal disclaimer: our legends tend to be based on whimsical musings, rather than factual record.) Electrifying flavors of carame...

Burundi Butegana - $17.00

LTO Burundi

Limited Time Offering  •  Butegana is the oldest coffee washing station in Burundi, located near the border of Rwanda to the north. This particular coffee has been honey processed, which is not common in Burundi. Only the ripest cherries may be us...

A.M. Rescue - $15.00

Breakfast Blend

The sun is rising, birds are chirping, and you're sitting on your porch, welcoming a new day's dawn. OK, OK - maybe that's not how you usually get to start your days. But a smooth sip of AM Rescue will help you embrace the easy-breezy attitude of ...

Stimulate - $15.00

Espresso Blend

What goes up must come down! Gravity being the buzzkill that it is, that saying doesn’t work so well the other way around. We all need a little boost every now and then, and this invigorating Guatemala/Ethiopia espresso blend is just the thing to ...

Fresh Perspective - $17.00


This natural (dry) processed Ethiopia is fresh, y'all. We're talking 80s hip-hop fresh. We're talking Nike Air Jordans fresh... if those Jordans were loaded with complex fruit notes and big chocolate sweetness (which, let's face it, they weren't, ...

Pick-Me-Up - $15.00

House Blend

Some people greet the morning with a spring in their step and a song in their heart. Independent research shows that those people are a bunch of jerks. The rest of us need a little Pick-Me-Up, and this invigorating blend of Colombian and Ethiopian...

Jumpmaster Blend - $16.00

Texas Airborne Alliance has partnered with Greater Goods Coffee Roasters to craft a blend that combines the exhilaration of exiting an aircraft at high speed with the sweet serenity of those righteous blueberry pancakes made famous in the Ranger m...

Connection - $15.00

Cold Brew Blend

Cold brew is (paradoxically) hot right now. And what could be cooler/hotter than making your own cold brew at home? Designed for the cold brew process, this brisk blend highlights the sweet, chocolately goodness of beans sourced from Colombia and ...

Good Vibes - $14.50


The Beach Boys made Good Vibrations famous, but you don't need to be at the beach to pick up good vibes. In fact, if you get yourself a bag of this rich, full-bodied Brazilian coffee, you can get Good Vibes every time you set foot in your kitchen....

Rise & Shine - $14.50


If you're going to rise, you might as well shine. And shining is easier than ever with this bold-but-not-bitter Colombian French Roast. Our darkest roast, this full-bodied coffee features notes of baker's chocolate, a heavy mouthfeel, and a smooth...

Low Strung - $15.00

Decaf Colombia

It can be hard to find a decaf that doesn't taste like - well, a decaf. But this coffee comes through. Grown in Colombia, the lots are carefully assessed before they are sent for decaffeination. The natural sugarcane process that's used to decaffe...

Reid's Blend - $13.50

Reid's Blend

Special Offering Reid's Blend is a special blend supporting the Association for Creatine Deficiencies. Using a combination of Fair Trade Organic coffee, this blend has tasting notes of hazelnut and dried fruit. And while you're enjoying a cup, we ...

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