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Costa Rica


Hints of lemon,
Toffee Nut,
Chocolate finish

Direct Trade Coffee From the renowned micro-mill, Santa Rosa 1900, this year's offering from Costa Rica comes from the Naranjo's El Trapiche farm. We visited this farm to directly source this particular honey-processed coffee, lot 1968 to be exact.  Perfect for any occasion, Take Me Home is nutty and vanilla toned with caramel and milk chocolate sweetness and a crisp finish.

Profile Medium
Producer Efrain and Gelberth Naranjo
Region Leon Cortes, Tarrazu
Process Hand picked, White Honeyed, sun dried on raised beds
Elevation 1900 - 2000 meters
Variety Red Cataui
Soil volcanic soil
Harvest December - February

We had the pleasure of visiting the father-and-son team of Efrain and Gelberth Naranjo at their farm and were blown away by the quality of their coffee and their micro-mill named “Santa Rosa 1900”. This coffee is from lot 1968, which coincidentally is about the altitude it was grown. This coffee is strictly hand picked (we were given the opportunity to try, but I think we will stick to roasting) and it is quickly brought to the mill and then through what is known as the Honey Process.

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