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LTO Stocking Stuffers: Hill Country Holiday, Bire Forest, Rung'eto PB




Limited Time Offering: Bundle of 3!

This trio of single-origin coffees comes in convenient 4 oz bags, making them perfect for stocking stuffers or mini gifts. You'll enjoy three unique flavor profiles: our special Hill Country Holiday Blend, a Kenya that’s sure to bring all the holiday nostalgia vibes, and an Ethiopia overflowing with flavor. Each of these coffees boasts a distinctive flavor profile, transporting your taste buds to a different corner of the coffee world.

Hill Country Holiday Blend:

This year’s Holiday blend is a first on two levels: one, it’s a blend of not only one, but two, east African coffees; this coffee combines not only those nostalgic tastes of the holidays but also all those feels. Think unwrapping a fresh Nintendo combined with the flavors of mulled cider, dried apricot, and vanilla bean. 

Rung’eto :

Prepare to cozy up with this Kenya peaberry coffee! With notes of golden apple, black treacle, and red currant jam, it's the perfect warm hug on a chilly day. A sip of this coffee is like settling into your favorite armchair with a snuggly blanket and a crackling fireplace - pure holiday nostalgia in a cup!

Bire Forest: 

The Bire Forest natural Ethiopian is a flavor explosion in a cup. A watermelon Jolly Rancher, taffy, and strawberry wafer all in one sip - it's a dream come true for natural coffee fans. The silky, sweet, and textured taste will leave you wanting more. Trust us, this queen of naturals deserves the royal treatment!