La Victoria Instant

Chocolate, Blackberry, Full-Bodied

It's not your mama's instant! We partnered with Swift Cup - which Kitchn named "the best instant coffee you can buy" -  to bring our La Victoria to freeze-dried life. It'll kick all your hotel stays, camping trips, and lazy mornings up a notch. It's easy-peasy: just add 10oz of water and you're good to go. 

La Victoria's chocolatey base notes unfold into a myriad of flavors - we taste blackberry, raspberry, honeydew melon, and meringue. Quick AND delicious? You'll fall in love in an instant. 

Each box contains 6 packets, 1 packet = 1 serving 



Profile Medium 
Producer Café Granja La Esperanza 
Region San José, Caldas
Elevation 1750-1860 masl
Variety Colombia, Castillo 
Harvest Oct - Jan


Café Granja La Esperanza combines bold curiosity, scientific methodology, and an obsession with quality to produce uniquely delicious coffee. They were the first producers to bring Gesha and other exotic varieties to Colombia, and their award-winning coffees are regularly used by Coffee Champs competitors. For this Estate la Victoria coffee, ripe coffee cherries were hand-picked, carefully washed and sorted, and then depulped to allow the parchment to sugar ferment for 20 hours. The coffee was then sun-dried for 3 days.