Fresh Perspective - Ethiopia

Strawberry Candy, Chocolate, Lavender

Organic This natural (dry) processed Ethiopia is fresh, y'all. We're talking 80s hip-hop fresh. We're talking Nike Air Jordans fresh... if those Jordans were loaded with complex fruit notes and big chocolate sweetness (which, let's face it, they weren't, because they were sneakers). So bust out your boombox, put on your tracksuit, and let this coffee freshen up your day in a supa fly way.


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Producer Arsosala Washing Station
Region Guji  
Process Natural, Dried on raised beds
Elevation 1800 masl 
Variety Bourbon, Typica  
Harvest Nov - Jan


Estabished in 2015, the Arsosala washing station currently serves about 1,200 smallholder producers in the Urga woreda (district) of Guji.

According to the washing station manager, most of the coffee delivered to the factory is Bourbon and - to a lesser extent - Typica. While these varieties are better-known in Central and South America, the same terms are used colloquially in Ethiopia to describe certain coffee-berry-disease-resistant cultivars. The Ethiopian "Bourbon" and "Typica" varieties are genetically removed from the ones found elsewhere around the world.

Coffees are picked ripe and dried on raised beds. It typically takes 8–15 days to dry under sun and 15–20 days to dry when there are cloudy skies.