Fresh Perspective - Ethiopia

Juicy strawberry, Lavender, Chocolate

Organic This natural (dry) processed Ethiopia is fresh, y'all. We're talking 80s hip-hop fresh. We're talking Nike Air Jordans fresh... if those Jordans were loaded with complex fruit notes and big chocolate sweetness (which, let's face it, they weren't, because they were sneakers). So bust out your boombox, put on your tracksuit, and let this coffee freshen up your day in a supa fly way.


Profile Light - Medium
Producer Mulish Station
Region Guji  
Process Natural, Dried 15-18 days on raised beds
Elevation 1800 - 1950 meters
Variety Heirloom Cultivars
Soil Clay
Harvest Nov - Feb


Established in 2014, Ethiopia's Mulish washing station is a fairly new processing plant. Apart from its relatively young age, it is managed by our experienced partners of Testi Trading. In the surrounding hills and mountains of Danbi Uddo, a sub-district of the Shakiso Woreda, approximately 850 smallholders own 2 to 5 hectares and deliver their yields to Mulish processing station.