Bright Minds - Guatemala

Tangerine, Fudge, Buttery

This clever little coffee will help you solve differential equations! Or at the very least, it will help you forget all about math, because as soon as it hits your tastebuds the only thoughts you'll be thinking will be "whoa" and "dang" and "more please." Easy-drinking, crowd-pleasing flavors unfold with each sweet sip - like milk chocolate, toffee, nougat, juicy tangerine, and a hint of cherry on the finish. Every time we take a drink, we taste something new. How ingenious is that?!


Profile Medium 
Producer Ella - Women Owned Farms
Region Various
Elevation 1600 masl
Variety Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai 


We sourced our latest lot of Bright Minds in partnership with Onyx Coffee, a green coffee importer specializing in fine Guatemalan coffees. For more than a decade, they have cultivated deep relationships with a few women farmers in and around Huehuetenango.

Across Guatemala, women are the majority labor force on coffee farms, from picking to export. Despite limited access, discrimination and violence, many women have forged their own paths for their families through their coffee farms. As part of Onyx’s initiative to diversify their sources, provide market access, and highlight the stories of powerful women, they created ELLA - Women Producers of Guatemala.

The coffee is an intentionally curated blend of beans from three different farms across the country - Jovita Castillo’s Finca La Joya Grande in Santa Rosa, Rita Cohen’s Finca Santa Rita in Fraijanes, and Sofia Plocharski’s Finca Armenia Lorena in San Marcos. Through their QC Lab in Guatemala City, Onyx is expanding their reach while doing due diligence necessary to invest in long-term partnerships that empower more women producers. We’re proud to support this kind of work at origin, and are looking forward to more exceptional harvests from these women in the years to come.