Bright Minds - Colombia

Chocolate, Blackberry, Honeydew, Meringue

This clever little coffee will help you solve differential equations! Or, at the very least, it will help you forget about solving differential equations. Because as soon as this complex, crazy-sweet coffee hits your tastebuds, the only thoughts you'll be thinking will be "whoa" and "dang" and "more please." Chocolatey base notes unfold into a myriad of flavors - blackberry, raspberry, ruby red grapefruit, honeydew melon, meringue... even bubble gum. Every time we take a sip, we taste something new. How brilliant is that?!


Profile Medium 
Producer Café Granja La Esperanza 
Region San José, Caldas
Elevation 1750-1860 masl
Variety Colombia, Castillo 
Harvest Oct - Jan


Café Granja La Esperanza combines bold curiosity, scientific methodology, and an obsession with quality to produce uniquely delicious coffee. They were the first producers to bring Gesha and other exotic varieties to Colombia, and their award-winning coffees are regularly used by Coffee Champs competitors. For this Estate la Victoria coffee, ripe coffee cherries were hand-picked, carefully washed and sorted, and then depulped to allow the parchment to sugar ferment for 20 hours. The coffee was then sun-dried for 3 days.