Our New Partnership with IWCA

At Greater Goods, we believe that a great cup of coffee can bring people together and transform lives. Today, we are thrilled to announce some exciting news that aligns with this value: we have a new charity partner!


We are proud to announce our partnership with the International Women's Coffee Alliance, an organization that has incited pivotal change in the lives of women in the international coffee community.


Women face multiple challenges in the coffee value chain, including underrepresentation in leadership roles, leading to limited opportunities for growth. IWCA is uniquely poised to provide a leadership role to address some of these challenges through education and advocacy to ensure an equitable coffee industry. 


As a women-owned roasting company, IWCA has played a critical role in our own success. Their work inspires us to keep pushing the limits of specialty coffee, to keep believing in ourselves, and to constantly challenge the status quo.


How We'll Make an Impact

IWCA supports an international network of independent, self-organized, self-governing organizations, called chapters. For every bag of coffee we sell with a yellow cup logo sticker, we will donate $1 to IWCA's chapter grants. These programs support leadership training, coffee quality training, financial literacy, and other programs for chapter members in 33 different countries around the world.

Here are some the GG coffees that support ICWA:


Spark - Mexico

A single-origin Mexican coffee grown by female producers in Chiapas. Chocolatey and smooth, with a hint of baking spices and a rich mouthfeel. Medium roast.


Bright Minds - Colombia

Easy-drinking, clean coffee from smallholder farmers in Huila, Colombia. Brown sugar sweetness is accentuated by a pleasant citric acidity and a lingering cocoa-like finish. Medium roast. 


Stimulate - Dark Blend

Sustainably-sourced blend of specialty coffees from Latin America and Ethiopia. Full-bodied with notes of butterscotch, baking chocolate, and roasted almonds. Absolutely divine as espresso. Dark roast. 


Stay Connected

As we embark on this exciting longterm project with IWCA, we will keep you updated on our joint efforts and the impact we're making together. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our email newsletter, and keep an eye on our new coffee offerings for the yellow labels. Together we can brew great coffee, make good, and uplift women in coffee around the world!