Greater Goods Roasting Joins Specialty Coffee Delivery & Subscription Company MistoBox

We're so excited to announce a new partnership with Mistobox, a coffee delivery and subscription company. By teaming up with Mistobox’s coffee subscription service, We'll reach a new group of coffee consumers from around the country, introducing them to our mission and exceptional coffee selections. More people drinking Greater Goods Coffee means more happy people, which means more random smiles from strangers, more conversations in line at the grocery store, more spontaneous dance parties at the DMV... You get the picture. It's all good.

Mistobox is a community of passionate coffee lovers (just like you) who want to make the world’s best coffee more accessible. Their thoughtfully curated match-making approach is perfect for beginners and coffee vets alike. Every shipment is personalized, freshly roasted, and provides a discovery experience for coffee lovers. Mistobox delivered more than 200,000 coffees in 2020, and our team is excited to be among the most incredible roasters in the country that will be arriving on more people’s doorsteps in 2022 and beyond. 

We share a passion for coffee and making the best coffee accessible to more people, however, it’s important to us that our partners have strong morals and share similar values as us. On an economic level, Mistobox is passionate about supporting small businesses and the coffee industry as a whole, and those are values we can get behind.

We know those who discover Greater Goods through Mistobox will be pleased with our quality and commitment to a great cup of coffee and the fast, easy, and fun delivery process. Look for Greater Goods Coffee Roasters now in the Mistobox shop!