3 Valentines-Inspired Coffee Cocktails

3 Valentines-Inspired Coffee Cocktails

Posted by Miranda Haney on

Happy February! Love is in the air and my dog is my Valentine. Honestly does anything say “single-as-a-pringle” more than being home alone with a carton of Oatly ice cream, crying because the Harry in your real-life Harry-Met-Sally scenario is just not receiving your flirtatious energy? Ah well, that’s a topic for a different blog I suppose.

When Greater Goods barista Leo isn’t slinging a mean ‘spro behind the bar, he’s crafting cocktails for Jitters Espresso & Spirits. He was also a competitor in the 2019 National Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. 

Together we’ve come up with three signature drinks that you can make at home for you and your special someone. Or your gal pals. Or your dude crew. Or just for you and yourself because let’s face it, isn’t Valentine’s Day getting a little old? 


A play on a classic Toronto cocktail, the Fernet-Me-Not pairs our sweet and chocolatey Connection cold brew with rich and complex Fernet Branca for a cocktail that's sure to knock your socks off. 


3 oz Connection cold brew

1 oz Fernet Branca

(Optional - 1 oz Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Bourbon)

Build in glass over 2" cube and stir until glass is frosty, garnish with mint or candied orange peel


Berry Me in Bubbles

Our decadent Kickstart espresso is combined with a tangy strawberry simple and a high-quality gin, then topped with sparkling water (in classic Austin fashion). 


1.5 oz Treaty Oak gin

1 oz Kickstart espresso (~ a double shot )

1 oz strawberry simple

Topped with Richard's Rainwater

Shaken and strained over ice or 3 1" cubes, garnish with strawberry


You're the Chicory For Me

Creamy oat milk is paired with super-smooth hill country Bourbon, our classic cold brew, and a warm chicory simple for an adults-only latte (and my personal favorite cocktail ever). 


2 oz Connection cold brew

1 oz Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon

1 oz Oatly Oat milk (full fat for creamier mouthfeel)

.5 oz chicory simple

Shaken and strained, served neat, garnish with sprinkled cinnamon



Try these at home and tag us on Instagram. We'd love to see what you come up with!

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