Low Strung - Decaf

Toffee, Hazelnut, Silky Chocolate

It can be hard to find a decaf that doesn't taste like - well, a decaf. But this coffee comes through. Grown in Colombia, the lots are carefully assessed before they are sent for decaffeination. The natural sugarcane process that's used to decaffeinate leaves the taste profile of the coffee intact. (Do you taste Nutella? 'Cause we do.) Smooth and easy drinking, this coffee is great brewed, and it pulls as an awfully nice shot of espresso too. Just please, try and stay calm.


Profile Medium-Dark
Region Huila, Colombia
Process Washed, Sugar Cane E.A. Decaffeination
Elevation 1700 – 2000 masl
Variety Caturra, Castillo, Typica
Soil Volcanic
Harvest Sept - Jan


Colombia has over 600,000 farms, most of them owned and worked by landholders with less than 5 acres, nestled in high-elevation hills and valleys. Huila is one of the most famous growing regions in Colombia, producing consistently high-quality coffees from season to season. This coffee is carefully selected from premium lots before it is sent for decaffeination.