2020 Signature Beverages Announcement!

Austinites have traded their Tevas for Tecovas and it can only mean one thing: it’s fall, y’all. In the spirit of the season, we’ve rolled out a new signature drink menu and can we just say :fire emoji: 

This year we’re traveling back to our roots with three expertly-crafted seasonal beverages that explore origin and tradition. Let’s break it down. 

KT's Cold Brew

KT’s Cold Brew

If there’s one thing Greater Goods co-founder Khanh Trang is proud of, it’s her Vietnamese heritage. Our timeless Connection Cold Brew comes in a close second. Combine the two and you’re staring at the power couple of the season. 

Introducing KT’s Cold Brew. It’s our take on a Vietnamese classic - three parts cold brew, one part sweetened condensed milk, all parts delicious. 

Just think liquid cinnamon bun, yum!


Mexican Mocha

Mexican Mocha 

Picture this: it’s the coldest day of the year in Texas and you’re dressed in all the layers you own, curled up on the couch with your favorite telenovela. In your hands is another guilty pleasure - a mug of hot Abuelita. This is a reality for GG barista Marla, who crafted our Mexican Mocha recipe from a place of pure nostalgia. 

Spicy ancho chiles, brown sugar, and a blend of spices are simmered with Madagascar vanilla and cocoa powder to create the base of this luscious treat. Add 5g of our signature Kali Mocha powder and you’ve got a hot latte that’ll go down in history.


All of these and more, available now at our E 5th and Bee Cave cafe locations. Oh yeah, and we're fully stocked with Fronks Eggnog. Come try it for yourself - cheers!