Kalita Wave Brew Guide

Kalita Wave Brew Guide

Posted by Lauren Stocker on

Kalita Wave.

The best method for an even, optimal extraction. The Kalita Wave is the pour-overs to end all pour-overs. That's why we use them every day in our cafes.



22g / 3 tbsp

Brewer's Choice

Bright Minds

Grind Size

Medium, 5 on the Fellow Ode


350mL / 12oz / 200F



Brew Time

2 minutes, 45 seconds

Pro Tip

Do your best to keep an eye on the time, but don't stress if you pour outside the recommended parameters. You got this!

1. Prep

Rinse filter with hot water over the cup or carafe, letting drain completely. Dump rinse water.

Add freshly ground coffee to filter.

2. Brew

Start your timer and pour 60g of water over the bed of coffee grounds in 10 seconds.

At 30 seconds, pour 60 more grams of water (up to 120g). Continue pouring 40-60g pulses every 15 seconds, or as follows:

0:00 - 60g

0:30 - 120g

0:45 - 180g

1:00 - 240g

1:15 - 300g

1:30 - 350g

The total drain time should be between 2:30 and 3:00. Serve and enjoy.


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