Drip Brew Guide

Drip Brew Guide

Posted by Lauren Stocker on

Automatic Drip.

Nice and easy, because not everything has to be complicated. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality! Here's how to make the best drip coffee your family has ever tasted.



80g / 10 tbsp

Brewer's Choice

Pick Me Up

Grind Size

Medium, 20 on a Baratza Encore


1L / 34oz / 4 cups



Quick Tip

An SCAA certified brewer will heat the water to proper temperatures (195-205 degrees). Adjust the grind and/or coffee to water ratio to achieve desired results.

1. Prep

Pour the desired amount of cold, filtered water into the water tank.

Place a standard flat-bottomed filter into the filter basket.

Add freshly ground coffee into filter.

Place the filter basket on the carafe (without lid) and put both back into the brewer.

2. Brew

Hit "brew"!

Wait patiently. Then serve and enjoy!


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