V60 Pour Over.

Clean and crisp, the V60 is perfect for any home brewer looking to step up the mouthfeel and flavor notes of their coffee. It's all about the bloom, folks.



21g / 3 tbsp

Brewer's Choice

Take Me Home

Grind Size

Medium-fine, 4 on the Fellow Ode


350mL / 12oz / 205F



Brew Time

3 minutes

1. Prep

Rinse filter with hot water over cup, letting drain completely. Dump rinse water.

Add freshly ground coffee to filter.

2. Brew

Start timer and pour 40g of water to saturate grounds completely. Stir gently.

At 30 seconds, pour another 60g water over 15 seconds, starting in the center, moving outwards in concentric circles. Stir again gently.

Let drain for 15 seconds.

Repeat last two steps until all 350ml of water has been used.

It should completely drain between 2:30 and 3:00 minutes.

Serve and enjoy!