Origami Dripper.

Move aside V60, there's a new cone dripper in town. 



15g / 2 tbsp

Brewer's Choice

Any single origin


Medium-Fine, 10 on a Baratza Encore


255mL / 8oz / 200F



Brew Time


1. Prep

Place a paper cone filter into the dripper and rinse with hot water into a carafe. Dump rinse water.

Add freshly ground coffee to the filter.

Using a chopstick, gently create a divet in the center of the bed of grounds.

2. Brew

Start your timer and pour 45g water into the divet and over grounds, being sure to saturate them evenly.

Gently stir the slurry.

At 30 seconds, pour 150g of water in concentric circles (up to 195g).

At 1:15, add the remainder of the water up to 255g. Gently swirl the brewer to incorporate.

Total drain time should be around 2:30. Serve and enjoy!