French Press.

Comfy, cozy, and easy peasy, the french press is a staple in any kitchen, regardless of your European-ness. Ooo la la!



35g / 6 tbsp

Brewer's Choice

Rise and Shine

Grind Size

Coarse, 30 on a Baratza Encore


500mL / 16.9 oz / 2 cups / 200F



Brew Time

5 minutes

Pro Tip

Don't forget to stir!

1. Prep

Pour small amount of hot water into press to preheat the vessel, then dump.

Add freshly ground coffee to bottom of press.

2. Brew

Start timer and pour 100mL water, or enough to completely saturate the coffee grounds. Swirl gently.

Pour remaining 400mL water over coffee grounds and stir 10 times with a wooden or plastic spoon.

Place plunger on top to retain heat, but do not press.

At 5 minutes, press plunger down slowly. Serve and enjoy!