Cold Brew.

Patience is rewarded when extracting a beautiful cold brew. Between 16-18 hours is our recommendation. Just enough time to call your mom back.



1-6 coffee / water ratio




Room Temperature


Filtron Cold Brewer

Quick Tip

Keep the concentrate in an air-tight container and refrigerated. It will keep for around a week.

1. Prep

Rinse the wool felt pad filer and place it in the bottom of the brewer, making sure it is evently sealed.

Firmly insert rubber plug into drain hole.

Place paper filter into brewer and pour in freshly ground coffee.

2. Brew

Place water bowl on top of the brewer and fill with the proper amount of water.

Water will drain slowly.

Let brew 16-18 hours without refrigeration or heating.

When it is ready to drain, hold the brewer over a receptacle and remove the plug.

When it is finished draining, you can mix in water to dilute the coffee to taste all at once, or add water as you drink it.