Cold Brew.

Patience is rewarded when extracting a beautiful cold brew. Between 16-18 hours is our recommendation. Just enough time to call your mom back.



340g / 12oz

Brewer's Choice


Grind Size

Coarse, 30 on a Baratza Encore


2L / 8 cups / room temperature

Quick Tip

Keep the concentrate in an air-tight container and refrigerated. Enjoy within three months. 

1. Prep 

Place a mesh or paper filter into a glass jar. Make sure your jar has a wide mouth, so you can easily remove the filter and grounds later.

2. Brew

Slowly pour layers of water, then coffee, into the filter. 

No need to stir! Make sure all the grounds are wet, but avoid stirring as much as possible. This will allow for a more even extraction. 

Secure the glass jar with a lid or covering.

Allow the concoction to brew for 24 hours if refrigerated, or 16 hours at room temperature. 

After your chosen brew time, remove the grounds from the cold brew concentrate by pouring it over a fine mesh sieve. Do this 2-3 times to remove all fines and grounds. 

Dilute the concentrate at a ratio of 1 part cold brew, 1.3 parts water. Cheers!