The most attractive way to brew a couple cups of coffee, in our opinion.



45g / 6 tbsp

Brewer's Choice

Fresh Perspective

Grind Size

Medium-Coarse, 18 on a Baratza Encore


720mL / 24oz / 3 cups / 205F



Brew Time

5 minutes

Pro Tip

Make sure you have enough hot water before starting your brew!

1. Prep

Place paper filter with the triple-folds facing the spout to ensure proper airflow.

Rinse filter and Chemex with hot water. Dump rinse water.

Add freshly ground coffee to filter.

2. Brew

Start timer and pour 100mL water, or enough to saturate grounds completely. Carefully swirl to incorporate.

At 30 seconds, pour another 350mL of water starting in the center and moving outwards in concentric circles (up to 450g).

Let drain for 45 seconds, then pour remaining water (up to 720g).

The total drain time should be around five minutes.

Serve and enjoy!