The most attractive way to brew a couple cups of coffee, in our opinion.



48 grams


Medium-Coarse, about a 20 on a Baratza Encore


750g(ml), 200 degrees


1:15.5, coffee:water

Brew Time

5 minutes

1. Prep

Rinse filter and Chemex with hot water, preheating the vessel.

Dump water into your mugs to preheat them as well.

Add ground coffee to filter.

2. Brew

Start timer and pour 50g(ml) water, or enough to saturate grounds completely. This is your bloom phase.

At 30 seconds, pour another 350g(ml) of water, starting in the center and moving outwards in concentric circles.

Let drain for 30 seconds to a minute and then pour remaining water, starting in the center.

It should completely drain in around five minutes.

Pour and enjoy!