Concentrate, Inverted Method.

One of our suitcase must-haves and an excellent substitute for a home espresso machine, the Aeropress is durable, easy to clean, and tons of fun.



35 grams


Medium to Medium-Fine, about an 8 on a Baratza Encore


150g(ml), 208 degrees


~1:4, coffee:water

Brew Time

1 minute, 15 seconds

1. Prep

Place aeropress upside down with plunger inserted to just below the '4' mark.

Place a paper filter into the filter cap. Rinse with hot water and set aside.

Place ground coffee into the press using the aeropress funnel to avoid any spillage.

2. Brew

Start your timer and pour 150g(ml) water over grounds, being sure to saturate them evenly, stirring gently.

Tighten filter cap to the top and wait.

At 1:15 minutes, flip the aeropress over and place atop your favorite mug, plunging slowly but without too much pressure for about 20 seconds.

When you hear a hiss, remove pressure.

Add 160g(ml) of water to dilute into an americano-style drink, or drink as-is for a strong cup of espresso-like coffee. Adjust based on preference.