Spark - Mexico

Cocoa, Dried Fruit, Honey

Fair Trade  •  Organic  •  Women Producers  When I was little, every morning my grandma would make me a kid-sized hot chocolate, kiss me on the forehead, and put on Little House on the Prairie. (I'm pretty sure she was just trying to distract me so she could go to the other room to chain smoke Virginia Slims and do crossword puzzles, but that's not the point.) This coffee is a lot like that childhood memory. With notes of hot cocoa, a hint of honey sweetness, and a dried fruit finish, it'll have you feeling calm and comfy. 


Profile Medium
Producer Amalia Diaz Ruíz
Region Emiliano Zapata, Sierra Cuxtepeques
Process Washed
Elevation 1665 masl
Variety Bourbon, Caturra, Costa Rica 95, Sarchimor
Harvest January - April


Amalia Diaz Ruíz owns the 6-hectare farm El Durazo. Coffee is picked ripe and depulped the same day, fermented underwater for 18 hours, and washed three times before being spread on cement patios to dry for 7 days.

Amalia is a member of the Comon Yaj Noptic cooperative in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, along the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, one of the world's most diverse forest reserves. In the highlands of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, the reserve contains Mesoamerica's largest continuous cloud forest, and is a refuge for thousands of plant and animal species. Coffee producers here have the advantage of ideal conditions, including good altitude, a lush environment, and high-quality varieties. Most importantly, the grower members are passionate about quality.