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LTO Yemen


Raspberry • Marmalade • Allspice

Limited Time Offering  •  Yemen is an ancient coffee culture, capable of producing some of the best coffee in the world. Political and social unrest caused quality to decline, but a small subset of producers have begun utilizing farmers incentives, traceability, and high quality processing to drive a resurgence. This sweet, clean, and uniquely delicious coffee is a thrilling example of just how good Yemeni coffee can be. 

Profile Light-Medium
Producer Smallholder Farmers
Region Sharqi, Haraaz
Process Natural / Dried on Raised Beds
Elevation 1900-2440 masl
Variety Taffahi, Dawairi, Jaadi, other heirloom varieties
Soil Various
Harvest Oct - Mar

There's every reason to believe that Yemen is going to be the coffee-producing country everyone is talking about—and it's about time, since it is the second-oldest coffee culture in the world, and possibly the origin of the beverage we know, recognize, and love as true coffee. Yemen has been cultivating coffee plants since at least the 16th century, if not earlier, but coffee hasn't always been the first thing to come to mind with mention of the place: The country has been in the midst of a brutal civil war since 2015, and its other seemingly most-newsworthy characteristics are its water impoverishment, increasing dependence on the narcotic plant qat, and appearance on the U.S.A.'s recent "Travel Ban."

Haraaz is proud to support Central Texas Food Bank
A portion of proceeds from each tin help the Capital Area Food Bank provide meals to those in need.


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