Umoja - Congo

Mesquite Honey, Oolong, Dried Cranberry

Organic • Limited Time Offering - Umoja means "solidarity" in Swahili, and this is a coffee we can all stand behind! Notes of mesquite honey, oolong, and dried cranberry make for a subtly sweet, buttery smooth cup. To top it all off, this coffee comes to us from Mighty Peace - a Congolese-led social enterprise that’s directly involved in the country’s peace movement. By providing support, education, and sustainable economic opportunities for DRC coffee farmers, Mighty Peace unites communities previously divided by violence and armed conflict. 


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Producer Tsheya Washing Station
Region Kalehe, South Kivu
Process Washed
Elevation 1480-2000masl
Variety SL34


Umoja was grown by over 11,600 farmers in South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mighty Peace works with certified fair trade and organic cooperatives whose members have played an integral role in providing stability in the coffee sector in a region that is often fraught with coffee smuggling. For many in and around Lake Kivu, coffee is a key source of income and helps promote rights for marginalized groups.

SL34 is a cultivar found mostly in Kenya, originally selected in the 1930s by Scott Agricultural Laboratories. It's known for its outstanding cup quality and high yields. Cherries were dry-fermented for 12 hours, then wet-fermented for another 24 at the Tsheya washing station. Fully washed coffee was then dried for 12-21 days on raised beds to 10-12% moisture.