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LTO Papua New Guinea


Pineapple • Brown Sugar • Cloves

Limited Time Offering.  What's a peaberry, you ask? It's an only child: a natural mutation in which a coffee cherry grows one bean instead of two. They tend to be small, dense, and (according to some) sweeter than the average bean. We can attest to the tropical fruit-meets-spiced sugar qualities of this rare Pea. It's dynamic, exciting, and - unlike some only children I know - oh so sweet. 

Profile Medium
Producer Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative
Region Chimbu Province
Process Washed, sun dried
Elevation 1350 masl
Variety Bourbon, Typica
Soil Volcanic loam
Harvest April-September 2018

Siane Peaberry is sourced from farms organized around the Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative (SOAC) located in the Chuave district within the province of Chimbu, Papua New Guinea. SOAC accesses the international coffee markets for farmers, creating greater earning capacity from direct trade relationships. SOAC also assist farmers with financing, coffee quality improvement, organic certification, and community based projects that promote gender equality and education.

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