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LTO Papua New Guinea


Dried Fruit • Melon • Milk Chocolate

Limited Time Offering.  We love sourcing coffees from Papua New Guinea due to their unique, complex flavors as well as the joy in witnessing those who have yet to experience a coffee from PNG fall in love with this origin. This is a densely sweet coffee with notes of dried fruit, cantaloupe and milk chocolate. Quite balanced and well structured.

Profile Medium
Producer Keto Tepasi Progress Association
Region Chuave District, Eastern Highlands
Process Depulped, dried 1-3 days then washed, sun dried
Elevation 1600-1800 masl
Variety Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
Soil Clay
Harvest Mar-Oct 2017

Keto Tapasi Progress Association was founded in 2008 as an association of smallholder coffee growers from 18 communities and villages in the Eastern Highlands The smallholders typically own anywhere from a couple to a couple-hundred coffee trees and the farms themselves have no names and carry no formal demarcation to indicate where one neighbor's land ends and the other's begins.

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