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Limited Time Offering  •  Peru: the land of Machu Picchu, the yellow-tailed wooly monkey (seriously, look it up, it's adorable), and high-grown coffee. Peru coffees are sometimes said to be understated (or even bland), but La Salina is an exceptional exception. Tomas Fernandez Ramirez's farm's rich clay soil, attention to detail, and triple-wash processing results in a coffee that's sassy, scintillating, and super sweet. 

Profile Medium-Light
Producer Tomas Fernandez
Region Huabal, Cajamarca
Process Fully washed, Sun dried
Elevation 2000 masl
Variety Caturra
Soil Clay
Harvest October-November

We visited Peru during harvest season and after cupping countless coffees, chose this small lot from Tomas Fernandez Ramirez. He owns the 1.5-hectare farm called La Salina, where he grows Caturra in rich clay soil. While this farm is relatively young, the coffees Tomas are producing have been exceptional quality. The coffee cherries are picked ripe and depulped throughout the night, after which they are fermented dry for about 25 hours. Tomas then washes the coffee three times before it's dried for 25 days.

A portion of proceeds from each bag of La Salina goes to the Capital Area Food Bank to provide meals to those in need.


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