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LTO Peru


Red Apple • Vanilla • Nutmeg

Limited Time Offering  •  Dos De Mayo is an incredibly dynamic coffee that is equally approachable as it is complex and nuanced. We were fortunate to be the highest bidder for this National Winning lot at the Cup of Excellence auction -- the results of which go directly to reward producers for their excellent quality. If you're curious what one of the best coffees to come out of Peru this year tastes like, give this one a try!

Profile Medium-Light
Producer Evaristo Caysahuana Espiritu
Region Pangoa, Satipo
Process Fully washed, Sun dried
Elevation 1717 masl
Variety Caturra
Soil Clay
Harvest June - August

Dos de Mayo is located in the San Juan de Pueblo area, a micro basin with a climate suitable for the production of unique coffees. Most coffees in Peru are sold through cooperatives so finding a coffee direct from a single producer can be challenging. We purchased this coffee through the Cup of Excellence auction which directly benefits the farmers and rewards them for the quality of their coffee.

A portion of proceeds from each bag of Dos De Mayo goes to the Capital Area Food Bank to provide meals to those in need.


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