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Stone Fruit • Vanilla • Sweet Honey

Direct Trade Coffee A very well balanced coffee with floral and honey aroma and a sweet caramel and chocolate flavor. The natural sweetness is perfectly balanced with hints of stone fruit acidity and a superb round body and creamy mouthfeel. Roasted using beans directly-sourced from Alvaro Tecun and neighbor's farms in San Martin Jilotepeque Guatemala, this coffee might just live up to it’s name after all.

Profile Medium
Producer Alvaro Tecun and family
Region San Martin Jilotepeque
Process Washed, Sun Dried
Elevation 1825 - 1900 masl
Variety Caturra, Bourbon
Soil Loamy Clay
Harvest Jan - Apr

Our Guatemala coffee this year comes from Alvaro Tecun and approximately 30 of his immediate neighbors in the San Martin Jilotepeque region. Alvaro is an entrepreneur seeking to improve the quality of life for his family and friends. He meticulously manages the process of harvesting and delivery only ripe cherries to the mill for processing. The result is a very clean and classic San Martin Jilotepeque/Chimaltenago cup we strive for.

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