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LTO Kenya


Blackberry • Stone Fruit • Creamy Finish

Small Batch Limited Roast - We're thrilled to have Nyeri Hill back in action! This one-of-a-kind Kenyan is rich and spice-toned, with beguiling notes of peach and blackberry. Nyeri Hill Farm was one of the earliest coffee farms in the Kenya. Famed for their attention to detail in harvesting and pristine processing, the farm produces exceptional lots year after year. We're also starry-eyed over their social and environmental initiatives. The farm has established various enterprises - e.g. hospitals, schools, and reforestation - that directly benefit workers and the local community. 

Profile Medium-Light
Producer Archdiocese of Nyeri
Region Nyeri County
Process Hand picked, Fully Washed, Sun Dried on Raised Beds
Elevation 1800-1900 Meters
Variety SL28, SL34
Soil Red Volcanic Loam
Harvest January

The Catholic Archdiocese ownership of Nyeri Hill Farm Coffee Estate dates back to 1904 when the Consolata Fathers established the first coffee demonstration plot. Since 1934, the farm has had its own wet and dry mills – originally used by the Consolata Fathersto mill their own coffee and export it back to Turin, their birth place in Italy. The pristine wet mill is still very operational and has been heavily maintained and modernised over the years.

This coffee supports the Central Texas Food Bank in their support of local families in need.

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