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LTO Honduras


Almond Brittle • Dried Fruit • Sweet

Limited Time Offering • Women Producer  Fair Trade and Organically grown by Women Producers members of the Cooperativa RAOS in Honduras. This coffee has notes of almond brittle and dried fruit (raisin and dates) with a prominent sweetness. 

Profile Medium
Producer RAOS Cooperative - Women Producers
Region Marcala, La Paz
Process Hand Picked, Sun Dried
Elevation 1200-1700 masl
Variety Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica
Soil Clay
Harvest Mar-Apr 2017

The 2016/2017 harvest saw our first opportunity to source a Women Coffee Producer lot from the Cooperativa RAOS, whose 270-farmer membership includes a significant number of women. In addition to the program premiums these women receive for this lot, this group has many very active educational support programs open to all members. Gender assemblies are held by female members in order to discuss the women's needs, as well as ways of increasing equity within the group and community.

We donate 20% of the proceeds from the sales of this coffee to the Houston and Corpus Christi Food Banks to assist victims of the floods caused by Hurricane Harvey.

1 BAG = 20% Proceeds to Houston and Corpus Christi Food Banks

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