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LTO Huehuetenango


Juicy Grapes • Caramel • Chocolate

Limited Time Offering.  A pleasantly complex and easy drinking coffee from the famed (and fun to say) Huehuetenango department of Guatemala. Tasting notes of grape juiciness, caramel sweetness and a chocolate base. This is one of those coffees that appeals to the most seasoned coffee enthusiast yet doesn't challenge the everyday casual drinker.

Profile Medium
Producer Octavio Herrera
Region Agua Dulce, Huehuetenango
Process Fully washed and sun dried on patios
Elevation 1600-1900 masl
Variety Caturra, Bourbon
Soil Limestone
Harvest Jan-Mar 2017

Octavio’s uncle started the farm about 50 years ago. He planted oak trees which is what Los Cedros means. His uncle passed away about ten years ago and his father then took ownership of the farm. There are gravilea and chalum shade trees planted across the farm. It is a beautiful and mountainous region with caturra, typica and catuai plants. They are planting new caturra plants this year.

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