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LTO El Salvador


Sweet Orange • Chocolate • Caramel

Limited Time Offering • Women Producer Finca Sara (Sara's Farm) is owned by Sara Salguero and is a shining example of the potential of exquisitely curated, high grown El Salvadorian coffee. Tasting notes are dominated with chocolate and caramel and highlighted with a pop of orange sweetness. Deep and complex, this coffee arrived to us in small "Pequeños bags" signifying its scarcity and exceptional character.

Profile Medium
Producer Sara del Carmen Salguero
Region La Palma, Chalatenango
Process Hand Picked, Washed, Sun Dried
Elevation 1821 masl
Variety Pacas
Soil Clay
Harvest Mar-Apr 2017

Owned and managed by Sara del Carmen Salguero, her three high-altitude farms named Finca Sara 1, 2, and 3, are at a somewhat continuous harvest due to the elevation and microclimate. The resulting conditions can be quite challenging. The coffees are hand picked and depulped the same day, fermented dry for about 30–48 hours, and washed before being laid out to sun-dry for 8–16 days.

We donate 20% of the proceeds from the sales of this coffee to the Houston and Corpus Christi Food Banks to assist victims of the floods caused by Hurricane Harvey.

1 BAG = 20% Proceeds to Houston and Corpus Christi Food Banks

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