El Paraíso (Lychee Y-05) - Colombia

Guava, Passionfruit, Juicy

Limited Time Offering - Think of the most unique coffee you've ever tasted. Now multiply that by 100. This incredible harvest from Diego Bermudez is a product of pure innovation and creativity. Diego and his family use scientific methods to alter the fermentation processes of their high quality micro-lot coffees, resulting in an insanely fruit-forward, sweet, and juicy profile in the cup. We get notes of lychee syrup, guava, and mixed tropical fruits. 



Profile Light
Producer Diego Bermudez
Region Cauca
Process Washed
Elevation 1930M
Varieties Castillo


Sourced by our friends at The Coffee Quest, El Paraíso is a perfect example of how producers can use a scientific approach to enhance the flavor of coffee through processing. Diego Samuel Bermudez and his family have worked together to create a range of high-quality coffees with unparalleled consistency. He was one of the first coffee producers in Colombia to start experimenting with fermentation processes by adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts. Today, Diego has developed more than 10 replicable protocols for dynamic and unique flavor profiles. 

Rather than adding flavor compounds to the coffee, Diego creates them through complex fermentation processes. His main process is called an anaerobic lactic thermal shock fermentation. After harvesting 95% ripe cherries and 5% pinto cherries (semi-ripe), cherries are washed with filter water to reduce the microbial load. For the first stage, cherries are fermented for 48 hours in anaerobic bioreactors with pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 degrees Celcius. After that, pulped beans ferment for 48 hours with their mucilage at 21 degrees Celsius.

Washing with cold water - "Thermal Shock", a term coined by Diego - transfers and fixes the secondary aromas developed in the different phases of fermentation of the culture medium. That's why this coffee tastes exactly how it smells. Cheers!