Don Oscar

Red Apple, Brown SugarVanilla

GG exclusive Direct Trade - This coffee comes from the same family that produces one of our perrenial offerings, Take Me Home. Our ongoing relationship with the Solis family allowed us to procur 2 bags of this ultra-micro lot. The family's careful and coscientious farming shines through on this incredibly clean and deeply sweet honey-processed coffee. The pleasant carmelization and malic acidity that develop during roasting end up tasting a bit like spiced apple pie in the cup. It's seriously delish - and like most apple pies, won't sit around for long.


Profile Light-Medium
Producer Alejandro Solis, Don Oscar Mill
Region San Marcos, Tarrazu
Process Red Honey
Elevation 1900 masl
Variety Villalobos
Soil Volcanic
Harvest Jan-Feb 2019


We had the pleasure of visiting the Solis brothers at one of their family farms in Costa Rica in 2016. We were blown away by the beauty of the region, the high-quality practices at both the farm and mill, and - most of all - by the flavor profiles of their coffee. The high-grown cherries used in this microlot were meticulously hand picked, quickly brought to the mill, and then honey processed for a clean, flavorful, all-around delicious cup.