Costa Rica Herbazu

Tropical fruit, Marshmallow, Lemon Meringue

Limited Time Offering, Direct Trade  •  Sourced from Herbazu, one of the leading coffee innovators in Costa Rica, this rare Typica Lima coffee is sure to please even the most demanding coffee enthusiast. Incredibly sweet and balanced, we taste notes of marzipan and fruit cocktail. Using trees sourced from Peru, this coffee is grown in an experimental garden next to Geisha, SL-28 and other prized coffee varieties. We cupped them all this season and this lot was the most dynamic and interesting. If you're looking to treat yourself, or a friend, don't pass this one up before it's all gone.


Profile Light-Medium 
Producer Antonio Barantes
Region Lourdes de Cirri, Naranjo
White Honey
Elevation 1600 masl
Variety Typical Lima 
Soil Volcanic


Herbazu is among the most innovative coffee producers in Costa Rica. They spearheaded the micromill revolution in the country in 2001 and have been pushing the production of special coffee to new levels since then. They are best known for their wide range of experiments on exotic varieties and different coffee processing techniques. The family has pocketed several Cup of Excellence awards since 2007, including one using this rare Typica Lima variety.