Pô Kô Robusta - Vietnam

Cacao Nibs, Nutty, Thick & Chewy

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Robusta coffee is having a renaissance and we are so here for it. With almost twice the caffeine content as arabica, robusta is a kick in the pants. It's intense, it's dark, it's bold... it's not messing around. Yet this specialty grade robusta from the Pô Kô Fair Agriculture Cooperative in Vietnam's central highlands impressed us with its considerable sweetness and depth. For a traditional Vietnamese coffee experience, brew it in a phin filter over sweetened condensed milk.



Profile Dark 
Producer Pô Kô Fair Agriculture Cooperative
Region Dak Ha District, Kon Tum Province
Elevation 600-700 masl
Variety Robusta


Pô Kô is a Fairtrade-certified cooperative in Dak Ha district, Kon Tum province, Vietnam. Pô Kô is the name of the river that provides water for the coffee farm. The cooperative was established in 2009 by local farmers and now represents 118 members: 58 women and 60 men, of whom 10% are ethnic minorities. The co-op is dedicated to giving back to the local community by creating development opportunities for women and children in underprivileged families.