Malaki Lot 17 - Kenya

Peach Nectar, Blackberry, Juicy

Limited Time Offering Kenya is a country that knows how to coffee. Sure, the lofty altitudes and loamy soil have some magic in them. But it’s the farmer-owned production system that really sets Kenya apart. Because farmers have long held ownership over their harvests and distribution, producer know-how and lot quality are unrivaled.
Quality certainly shines through in this super drinkable yet superbly interesting coffee lot from Edward Marigi’s Malaki Estate. Notes of dark berry and stone fruit dominate, with a nectar-like body and a creme brûlée finish.



Profile Light-Medium
Producer Marigi family, Malaki Estate
Region Kiambu County
Process Washed 
Elevation 1650-2850 masl
Variety SL28 


Malaki Estate is run by Edward Marigi and family, who originally planted the farm in 1959. The estate is one of the very few remaining who farm 100% SL 28, and is located along the red rich loamy volcanic western slopes of the Aberdare range in Kiambu County (Githunguri sub- county, near Kiratina zone). This is a family farm that also produces dairy, macadamia and avocado for subsistence.

These Malaki Lot 17 cherries were pulped then fermented in tanks for 12-48 hours. They were then washed through grading channels and dried on raised beds for 7-14 days, with regular turning.