Handege - Kenya

Apricot, Gooseberry, Juicy

GG Exclusive Limited Time Offering  •  The name “Handege” is derived from Ndege, the Swahili word for airplane or bird. Makes sense, since this exceptional Kenyan has the wings to fly.
This coffee was produced by the Ritho Cooperative: a group of smallholder farmers in Kiambu County. The co-op has strategically increased coffee quality over the years by focusing on agricultural best-practices and organizational infrastructure. Their commitment to quality is apparent in the coffee, where primary notes of juicy ripe stonefruit and hints of gooseberry (think Muscat grapes) come together to create a clean, complex, and structured cup.


Profile Light-Medium 
Producer Ritho Cooperative
Region Gatundu, Kiambu County
Elevation 1800+ masl
Variety SL28, SL34 
Soil Volcanic


Ritho farmers deliver their handpicked harvests to the Handege Coffee Factory (as washing stations are called in Kenya), where the cherries undergo meticulous sorting. The factory then uses clean water pumped directly from the Thiririka River for pulping, after which the cherries wet fermented, soaked, and dried on raised beds. 
An explosion of urban expansion has eaten away at many of Kenya's larger coffee farms, and may impact smallholder farms (which tend to be farther from city boundaries) in the near future. Continued investment in quality coffee like Handege will hopefully help preserve coffee farming in the area for generations to come.