Finca Edgar - Costa Rica

Candied Apple, Tropical Fruit, Syrupy

Limited Time Offering Not your typical Costa Rica! The Aguilera brothers and sisters have been cultivating award-winning lots at their family-owned farms and micromill for years, constantly working to push the quality envelope. This offering - an SL variety typically grown in Kenya - combines the fruity, juicy intensity of an East African coffee with the smooth, chocolatey sweetness of a Central American. The end result? A complex yet easy-drinking delight.



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Producer Hermanos Aguilera, Finca Edgar de Los Robles de Naranjo
Region West Valley Region
Process Red Honey 
Elevation 1600 masl
Variety SL28, San Roque


The Aguileras are 12 brothers and sisters who have been involved in the coffee industry their whole life. Finca Edgar is named after their father, Edgar Aguilera, who planted his first coffee farm over 80 years ago. At the time there were hardly any coffee farms in this area, and neighboring farmers were doubtful that Edgar's crops would be successful. Now, many of those neighbors grow coffee themselves, and the Aguilera family is producing 15 different coffee varietals on around 65 hectares of land. They own their own micromill and they've won several Cup of Excellence awards.

The Aguilera siblings carry on their longtime family tradition by working together to plant, pick, and process their harvests. Two of the brothers, Felipe and Erasmo, oversee most of the mill operation as well as the drying areas.

The family typically hires around 40–100 pickers from the same families every year, depending on the size of the harvest. They ensure that sorting is done with care and only ripe cherries are sent to the mill. The Aguileras do some of their drying on tarps that are laid out along one side of a large field below their micromill, where the coffee shares space with a soccer field that the family has built for use by the pickers as well as school and community groups.