Bavyeyi - Burundi

Apple Crumble, Honey, Cocoa Nib

Limited Time Offering - This complex and clean coffee from Burundi is our first offering via an exciting new partnership with JNP Coffee. Founded by Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, JNP's mission is to showcase Burundi's finest specialty coffees, support farmers, and subtly shift social norms for women and youth in the country. Bavyeyi (which means "parents" in Kirundi) is the result of generations of dedication and hard work by families in the remote coffee growing regions of Ngozi Province, where Jeanine's mother was born and raised. This particular harvest was produced by an experienced cooperative of 600+ farmers, many of whom are Muslim women. We taste red apple, brown sugar, honey, and a lingering cocoa-like finish. 


Profile Light
Producer Bavyeyi Washing Station
Region Ngozi Province
Process Washed
Elevation 1800masl
Variety Bourbon


JNP Coffee is highly focused on female empowerment; most of their coffees are high scoring micro-lots grown by the women of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) local chapter. The producer group behind Bavyeyi is women-owned and works closely with JNP Coffee’s trained Q Graders in Burundi on best quality practices and lot curation.

Washing stations in Ngozi Province pay well above the country’s minimum price to court premium harvests. JNP goes a step further, returning second payments to farmers and investing in opportunities for education and community building.

Cherry was floated for density and visible defects prior to depulping and under-water fermentation. After fermentation, wet parchment was sorted by density in concrete washing channels. Parchment was shade-dried, then piled into pyramids in open air, where it was flattened and reshaped daily to slow the process, ensure even drying, and lock in the final moisture.