Virtual Cupping

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Learn to taste like a coffee professional - COVID-edition! We’re bringing our favorite past-time to the safety of your own home. 

We’ll ship you this At-Home Cupping Kit, complete with a Greater Goods rainbow cupping spoon by Umeshiso, cupping bowl by notNeutral, three different 4oz coffee samples, a flavor wheel, cupping instructions, and a link to a Zoom meeting led by a member of our team.

Together (virtually) we’ll learn how to cup, compare tasting notes, and talk about all things coffee. You’ll leave the Zoom meeting caffeinated, empowered, and equipped with everything you need to cup coffee for the rest of time! 

Includes a recording of the Zoom session and 10% off your next coffee purchase. 

Duration: 40 minutes

Location: The World Wide Web, Baby! 

Note* To participate in this event, you are required to have at-home access to the following: Zoom, hot water and kettle, scale, additional spoons, and a burr grinder. If you do NOT have a grinder, please be sure to select the "ground" option in the drop down menu above.

Note** Bookings for couples will receive an additional cupping spoon.