Twende Peace Trade - Congo

Date, Marshmallow, Hint of Mint

Organic • Limited Time Offering - Twende means “let’s go” in Swahili, and this knockout of a coffee has got us going, all right. With soft, creamy notes of honeyed date and marshmallow fluff (and just a touch of sweet mint), it’s one of the cleanest, sweetest, yummiest Congos we’ve ever had. To top it off, this coffee comes to us from Mighty Peace - a Congolese-led social enterprise that’s directly involved in the country’s peace movement. By providing support, education, and sustainable economic opportunities for DRC coffee farmers, Mighty Peace unites communities previously divided by violence and armed conflict.



Profile Light 
Producer Twende Cooperative
Region Lake Kivu
Process Washed
Elevation 1400-1800 masl
Variety Bourbon


Twende Cooperative’s 2,093 member farmers produce fully washed coffee in the forested highlands near Lake Kivu. The cooperative produces specialty lots that are certified fair trade and organic. The co-op’s partnership with Mighty Peace has helped to improve the social and economic welfare of its members, with programs that provide education, housing, healthcare, and job opportunities. Together, Twende co-op and Mighty Peace uphold the three pillars of the Peace Trade:

1. Environmental sustainability: organic certifications and reforestation initiatives

2. Highest labor standards: fair trade and fair trade-equivalent certifications

3. Partnerships with credible organizations working to create an economic transformation in conflict coffee growing regions: Peace Cooperative farmed