Un Regalo de Dios - Nicaragua

Pear, Honey, Brown Sugar

Limited Time Offering - Producer Luis Balladerez is a legend in Nicaragua, known for his forward thinking when it comes to specialty coffee microlots. Always pushing the quality envelope, he has the most impressive processing facilities we've seen. His attention to detail is readily apparent in this coffee, a hybrid variety from Luis Alberto's farm "Un Regalo de Dios," which means "A Gift from God." With syrupy notes of pear, honey and hints of brown sugar, this coffee surely tastes heaven-sent.



Profile Light 
Producer Luis Alberto Balladarez
Region Nueva Segovia
Process Honey
Elevation 1550-1800 masl
Variety Hybrid H1-H3


Luis Alberto Balladarez comes from a long legacy of coffee farming in northern Nicaragua. While several millers and exporters are established in Nueva Segovia’s main city Ocotal, Luis Alberto’s Beneficio Las Segovias clearly stands out for their focus on specialty coffees and microlots. One of the things that makes Luis Alberto unique among mill owners is that he owns and manages several of his own farms. The success that he’s had with these farms is one of the reasons so many other farmers trust him to process their coffees. Luis Alberto knows quality, and is obsessed with every detail in each step his coffee takes, from the nursery through the mill.

Finca Un Regalo de Dios (URDD) is Luis Alberto’s pride and joy. The farm is located in a lush pocket of forest protected on three sides by high mountains in the otherwise dry and piny area of Mozonte. The farm is divided into several plantíos based on altitude and variety. His mill - Beneficio Las Segovias (BLS) - is a coffee sanctuary. The milling floors, drying patios, and cupping room at BLS are well-used yet immaculate. Quality control is taken very seriously here, and every picking that Luis Alberto receives is carefully catalogued and tracked. This attention to detail stems from Luis Alberto’s thoughtful and precise personality, and it all adds up to some exquisite coffee.

"I was drawn to this coffee on the cupping table for it's quality, but finding out it was a blend of H1 and H3 hybrid varieties made it even more appealing to me. These hybrid varieties will help protect the future of coffee, as they're more hardy and resistant to diseases such as coffee leaf rust (la roya). Luis Alberto pushes the limits on what is traditional for fermentation and drying. Many of his lots, including this one, can go through 48-72 hour fermentation with over 30 days of drying in order to develop deep, rich, complex flavor profiles." - Trey Cobb, Greater Goods co-owner