Por Jai - Thailand CoE Winner 2022

Lemongrass, Raspberry Compote, Red Grape Soda

Limited Time Offering Our first offering from Thailand, and it’s a winner! Ranked among the top coffees in the Cup of Excellence (CoE) 2022 Best of Thailand competition, Por Jai was produced by Akkhadet Piaocheku at his family farm in the small mountain village of Doi Chang. The flavor profile is creamy and pleasantly tart, with notes of lemongrass, red grape soda, and a lingering raspberry compote sweetness.

The CoE event was the first of its kind for Thailand, a country with a bustling specialty cafe scene on top of its vibrant coffee-growing culture. Coffee consumption far exceeds production, and thus many of the world’s best Thai coffees are enjoyed domestically by a younger generation with a blossoming interest in the specialty industry. We’re incredibly grateful to enjoy and share a little bit of Akkhadet’s coffee, and we hope for many more outstanding lots from Chang Rai in the years to come.

*Please note: This coffee is best enjoyed two weeks post roast. We know it's a while to wait, but trust us! The flavors really start to open up as it off-gasses. 


Profile Light
Producer Akkhadet Piaocheku
Region Wawee, Chiang Rai
Process Honey
Elevation 1200 masl
Variety Mixed


“Above all, coffee is life and everything,” says Akkhadet Piaocheku. He oversees Por Jai Coffee, a family farm in the small village of Doi Chang in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand. Although the Por Jai Coffee farm dates back generations, Akkhadet’s family only began producing specialty coffee for export in 2014. 

Por Jai Coffee is the product of a lot of self-learning and doing day-by-day, Akkhadet says. He envisions a strong future for Thai coffee globally and is determined to put Por Jai on the map as a landmark for specialty coffee from Thailand. This particular harvest is of mixed variety and honey processed. Ripe cherries were de-pulped and dried on raised beds in a thin layer of mucilage for 12-14 days. 

Thailand produces as much coffee as popular origins like Kenya and Panama, yet Thai coffee is still a rarity on specialty cafe menus in the west. Thailand is home to a vibrant cafe scene of its own, so many of the world’s best Thai coffees are enjoyed domestically. Farms are accessible and located close to major cities, providing a golden opportunity for young entrepreneurs. The average age of a coffee farmer in Thailand is 25-35 years.