Haraaz Red - Yemen

Raspberry Jam, Funnel Cake, Silky Sweet

Limited Time Offering Yemen is an ancient coffee culture, capable of producing some of the best coffee in the world. The civil war has made farming difficult and logistics nearly impossible, but Shabbir Ezzi is committed to making high-quality coffee a viable, sustainable, and empowering pursuit for the farmers he works with in the Haraaz region. This sweet, clean, and uniquely delicious coffee is a beautiful example of why Yemeni coffee is worth investing in.



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Producer Smallholder farmers 
Region Haraaz
Process Natural 
Elevation 1900–2440 masl
Variety Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaadi, other heirloom varieties


Shabbir Ezzi is an entrepreneur and the owner of exporting company Al-Ezzi Industries. Shabbir has invested not just money, time, and energy, but also his life by relocating to Yemen in order to make high-quality coffee a viable, sustainable, and empowering pursuit for the farmers in and around the coffee region of Haraaz. Shabbir's passion for improving Yemeni coffee has led him to do things differently:

- Al-Ezzi ensures that farmers are paid a high base price for bringing their coffee to participating receiving stations. 

- Coffee farmers are voluntarily issued ID cards, which are used not only as a point of pride and respect but also to keep track of their deliveries and ensure proper, timely payment.

- Each farmer's contributions are meticulously recorded, which means the coffees are traceable down to individual farmers.

- Fresh, ripe cherries earn an additional premium over dried cherries (which is how coffee is traditionally sold at Yemeni markets). Buying fresh cherries allows Al-Ezzi to ensure quality before and during the drying process. 

This Haraaz Red lot consists of fresh cherries collected at Mashtal ul Burhani, a privately owned collection center in Haraaz that collaborates with Al-Ezzi in the collection of high-quality coffee cherry from farmers in the area. It was purchased directly from producers who have picked or sorted perfectly ripe fruit and delivered it immediately after harvest. The lot is fully traceable through producer ID cards. The coffee was dried on raised beds and milled in Sana'a.