Ethiopia Roba

Strawberry, Vanilla, Earl Gray

Limited Time Offering Roba hails from the highly regarded washing station formally known as Chelbessa which is owned and managed by the Roba family. It is a delicately fruit-toned washed Ethiopia with dreamy notes of jasmine, vanilla and Earl Gray tea, enveloped in swoon-worthy sweetness. You may even catch hints of strawberry and watermelon in the finish.


Profile Light-Medium Producer Roba Family Region Gotiti, Yirgacheffe Process Washed / Dried on Raised Beds Elevation 1900-2700 masl Variety Mixed Heirloom Soil Volcanic Loam Harvest Dec - Mar


The Roba Family washing station is located in the Gotiti kebele, which is surrounded by the Gedeb woreda (Gedeo zone). The 30-hectare area is encircled by the Banko and Raku rivers. Coffee cultivation practices in this area are dominated by indigenous agroforestry; a farming style which promotes tree and crop diversity. Meaning that coffee trees are surrounded by false banana (Enset), cereal, and fruit crops.