COE Mexico Cañada Fría

Warming Spices, Dry Fig, Caramel

2018 Cup of Excellence Winner #9 The Cup of Excellence auction encourages producers to submit their very best, and many from this year's Mexico competition were among the best coffees we've tried all year. This coffee from Finca Cañada Fría won 9th place overall, their 6th time as a COE winner. It is a DEEPLY sweet coffee with complex notes of warming spices and dried figs that only gets sweeter and more dynamic as it cools. Exclusively available here and well worth a try if you're curious what one of the leading producers in Mexico is up to.


Profile Light-Medium
Producer Daniel Cobilt Castro
Region Axocuapan, Veracruz
Process Washed, Fermented 36 hours
Elevation 1450 masl
Variety Bourbón, Caturra, Pacamara
Soil Volcanic Loam
Harvest Feb 2018


Finca Cañada Fria is located on the Huatusco – Xalapa highway near the community of Axocuapan, Veracruz. They take great care of the environment by not using herbicides, fungicides and any product that contaminates the land and the ecosystem. They started producing specialty coffee 10 years ago and first participated in the Cup of Excellence Mexico 2012. They have been in the COE finals 6 times since then.