Bishan Dimo - Ethiopia

Bergamot, White peach, Honeydew

Limited Time Offering This coffee is our new summer crush. It was harvested by smallholder producers in the Denbi Uddo kebele (region) of Ethiopia's famed Guji Highlands. The area is home to thousands of multigenerational farming families who consistently produce coffees with incredibly unique and and delicious profiles. Bishan Dimo will envelope you in a white peach sweetness up front, followed up with soft bergamot and a Honeydew finish.



Profile Light
Producer Faysel and Hakime Yonis
Region Shakiso, Guji
Process Washed 
Elevation 1850-2050 masl
Variety Mixed Heirloom


The Yonis brothers - Faysel and Hakime - were born into a coffee producing family and enjoyed the rich traditions of Ethiopian coffee culture at a young age. Faysel can recall the coffee tree shading their front yard and the daily coffee ceremonies performed by his mother. After a decade working in coffee, Faysel started his own company - Testi Trading - dedicated to sourcing specialty coffee within Ethiopia. Hakime is manager of the Bishan Dimo washing station. The station is located in the Denbi Uddo kebele – part of the Shakiso woreda of Guji - where the hills and mountains stretch over 2000 meters above sea level.

Although Guji was previously known for its cattle, it's quickly become famous as a coffee growing region. Forward-thinking coffee professionals like Faysel and Hakime are the instigators of this transformation. The Bishan Dimo washing station is utilized by 800+ nearby smallholder families whose farms are shaded by false banana plants and the surrounding semi-forests. Once harvested coffee is brought to the washing station, lots are divided to be processed. Washed coffees are fermented for 24/48 hours within clean cement tanks. The parchment is then dried for 10 to 12 days. 

Though the washing station has only been in operation since 2017, Faysel and Hakime's partnership has already produced several stunning lots. We're excited to see what the future holds for them!